Coconut Oil Press Machine

Coconut oil press is also called hydraulic sesame oil machine. It uses hydraulic oil to transfer pressure through an oil pump. A temperature control device is installed on the machine to make the oil output under high pressure and high tempe

Coconut oil has the functions of improving the body's immunity, lowering the body's cholesterol, anti-infection, delaying aging, and anti-oxidation.

Regular consumption of coconut oil can improve the body’s immune function. It has strong antibacterial power against bacterial and viral infections and intestinal parasitic infections. In addition, it can lower cholesterol and increase the body s metabolic load. It can be used for treatment and Prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, reduce the formation of garbage and arteriosclerosis in the body's blood vessel wall; it has unsaturated fatty acids, which can resist the attack of free radicals in the body, and has the functions of beauty and beauty, anti-aging and anti-oxidation.


Coconut Oil Press Machine This series of screw oil press unit is mainly composed of five parts: automatic control part, heating and pressing part, adjustment part, transmission part and vacuum oil filter, easy to operate

The screw oil press is a process in which the feed is forced through the screw shaft, and the high temperature and pressure generated by the rotation and extrusion in the small gap between the squeeze and the squeeze, so that the oil is crushed and extruded to the oil and oil cake.

The Coconut Oil Press is suitable for oil crops like soybeans, corn and peanuts. It has simple structure and compact size, occupies a small area. This machine is simple and safe to operate, can be used for a long time. The pressed oil is more pure and healthy. You can rest assure the quality of our Coconut Oil Press Machine is superior and the price we offer is competitive. If you are looking for such product, we believe our products will not let you down

Cold pressed coconut oil machine processing craft :
Copra→Magnetic separation→ pulverizer →cooker →First oil press →second oil press machine→ crude oil filter →coconut oil
Request of pre-press coconut oil
1.Coconut tree:Native coconut tree
2.Note of process:Not use High temperature and no chemical agent
Compared with other way, cold pressed coconut oil machine has distinct advantages:
1.High oil yield rate
2.Processing cost is low
3.Easy to realize automation control production
4.Production environment is good
5.Quality of crude oil is good
Our cold pressed virgin coconut oil is appropriate for many oil bearing materials.
such as: peanut, soybean, sunflower, rape seed, corn, coconut, olive, etc.
All kinds of oil bearing materials in plant. Furthermore, our cold pressed virgin coconut oil can be used for both cold pressing and hot pressing. Capacity ranges from 1t/d to 10t/d. Also our  cold pressed virgin coconut oil is suitable both for family use and large plant.