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  • Argentium® 935 PRO Silver Casting Grain - Rio Grande

    Argentium® 935 PRO casting grain is specifically engineered for investment casting using modern enclosed machines but performs well in open systems as well. It is the alloy of choice for those whose work is predominately investment casting. Tarnish resistant, anti-oxidant and anti-firescale, Argentium 935 PRO casting grain also provides excellent durability and is suitable for delicate and ...

  • Casting Grain: Argentium® 960 Pro and Argentium® 935

    SSAR935: Argentium® Pro 335 Casting Grain. Casting Instructions (for average sized pieces- melt size 150gm – 1 Kg) Relative density: 10.3g/cm³, Melting range: 870-910ºC/ 1598-1670ºF, Casting Hardness: 72HV. Thin Castings (below 0.5mm): Flask temperature: 580-625°C/1076-1157°F, Metal temperature: 1010-1040°C/ 1850-1904°F. Medium Castings (0.5mm-1.2mm): Flask temperature: 550

  • Casting Grain and Casting Alloy - Hoover and Strong

    Casting Grain and Casting Alloy. All casting products are free from dissolved gas, oxides and inclusions, resulting in a clean melt with optimum flow properties for all casting uses. Finished castings have enhanced brightness and color with minimal mis-casts/non-fills, minimal porosity and minimal inclusions. Minimum order is 1 oz for sterling silver, 5 dwts for gold. We provide gold casting ...

  • Silver Grain Gold Grain Casting Pieces - Cooksongold

    Argentium Silver Grain. Ecosilver Grain and Casting Pieces. Fine Silver Grain. Shop 9ct and 10ct Gold Grain Today. 9ct Yellow Gold Grain. 9ct White Gold Grain. 9ct Red Gold Grain . 10ct Gold Grain. More Varieties of Gold Grain to Choose From. 14ct Gold Grain. 18ct Red Gold Grain. 18ct White Gold Grain. 18ct Yellow Gold Grain. Best selling Grain and Casting Pieces categories. 9ct Yellow Gold ...

  • Argentium Silver - Official Website Manufacturing Supplies

    Argentium - The Finest Silver has a range of unique and superior properties that are beneficial for manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Home. Why Choose Argentium? Technical Resources. Marketing Resources. Buy Argentium. FAQs. Contact. More. LICENSED MANUFACTURERS / TRADE SUPPLIERS. Casting Grain. Worldwide distribution Make enquiry. UK distribution Make enquiry.

  • Casting argentium silver - Jewelry Discussion - Ganoksin ...

    Casting argentium silver. Jewelry Discussion. Rader. September 8, 2016, 3:42am #1. Hi, I’ve been doing investment castings in sterling for a few years and recently tried 935 argentium casting grain- resulting casting was incredibly brittle and hard as pecker lips! Sprues (8 ga.) snapped off easily with fingers, thin areas of casting began cracking when beaded etc. and all were ...

  • Casting argentium - Jewelry Discussion - Ganoksin Orchid

    You may want to try our Sterling Silver “D” Casting Grain. It’s the most user friendly deox. Sterling Silver casting alloy we make. Best regards, Jim Sivertsen - United Technical Dept. Eddie_Bell2 . September 8, 2016, 9:45am #8. Dear Noel, We cast findings using Argentium Pro 935 silver here at Rio Grande and have excellent results. After casting we hold the cast flask for 15 minutes and ...

  • Products. Service. now-how. Casting with Argentium Silver ...

    Casting with Argentium® Silver 935 Pro Introduction Rio Grande regularly casts findings using Argentium® Pro 935 silver grain and we have enjoyed excellent results with this innovative metal. Here is a look at some of our methods and techniques for ensuring dependably good cast parts. Quenching After casting, we hold the cast flask for 15 minutes and then quench in water. The cast tree comes ...

  • Casting Argentium Silver - YouTube

    30.01.2017  Water Casting Argentium Silver and Sterling Silver - Duration: 14 ... Delft Clay Casting a Pair of Argentium(R) Silver Wedding Rings - Duration: 8:50. awestruckworkshop 7,284 views. 8:50 . Fusing ...

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  • Casting Grain Specifications - Hoover and Strong

    Argentium Sterling. STT.935 silver, others. 10.4. 5.49. 68. 1525°F. 1655°F. 1725 - 1775°F. 895 - 1110°F. 15-30. Stock : Order Casting Grain Now! What Color Do You Dream In? Our casting products are among the best! Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to provide you with superior quality casting grain second to none. NOTE: Due to variances in colors on computer monitors, please note the ...

  • Argentium 935 Silver Casting Grain Pro - cooksongold

    Argentium 935 Silver Casting Grain Pro . Argentium Silver is a revolutionary alloy which is stronger, brighter and whiter than sterling silver, making it a more versatile alloy. Made with a small percentage of germanium, our Argentium 935 grain has a casting temperature of 970-1040°C, 870-910°C melting range and a density of 10.3g/cm3. It's ...

  • Casting grain Etsy

    You searched for: casting grain! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Let’s get started!

  • 103-635 Arg. Silver Grain - Rio Grande

    Argentium® 935 Silver casting grain is carefully prepared using high-purity silver (99.99%) through a special deoxydizing process, a pre-requisite for high- quality silver jewelry production. Recommended applications: Argentium® 935 Silver is suitable for many applications, including investment casting and mechanical working (for sheet, wire and tube manufacturing). Argentium 935 Silver can ...


    Join a community of Argentium Silver users. Find out about Argentium classes, resources, view the Gallery of Members' work, purchase Argentium items and more! 0. Home. Guild Members. Gallery. Classes. Join The Guild. Information. Shop. Suppliers. Contact. More. MANUFACTURING SUPPLIES. Casting Grain. Worldwide distributor Make enquiry. UK distributor Make enquiry. USA distributor

  • Water Casting Argentium Silver and Sterling Silver -

    15.12.2016  Also known as direct casting, water casting is usually accomplished by heating a quantity of silver scrap in a crucible and pouring it directly into a bucket of water. In order to do this, you ...

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  • Argentium® GS Metals Refiners Blog GS Metals

    Argentium® silver casting grains give you the versatility you expect! Argentium® casting grains are produced in four distinct alloys, each to provide you with casting luxurious jewelry and silverware products. GS Metals and Refiners stocks Argentium® Professional Casting Grain, Argentium® 960 Pro and Argentium® 935 Pro. Argentium® Casting Grain Argentium® Professional Casting Grain ...


    I have cast .935 Pro Casting Grain, .935 Regular Casting Grain .935 Scrap sheet wire left over from the semester. Here are the results. The raw castings show the most difference as the Pro is the whitest. The Pro casting grain is definitely whiter directly from the flask. After pickling, you can see a slight difference in color between the ...

  • Argentium® Silver Jewelry Findings Rio Grande

    Create finished jewelry that resists tarnishing and keeps on shinning with the selection of Argentium® Silver jewelry findings at Rio Grande. Rio Grande jewelry making supplies for the best in jewelry findings and gemstones, tools, jewelry supplies and equipment, and the packaging and display items essential to the success of your jewellery business since 1944. Rio Grande offers competitive ...

  • Hauser Miller - Casting Grain

    We certify to comply with Gold and Silver Stamping Act on all of our grain and casting pieces. Our grain contains deoxidizing agents to facilitate problem free casting. Our pieces are cut from our sheet stock, which is alloyed for workability after casting.

  • Argentium Silver – Investment Casting - Technical Articles

    The cast trees should then be washed in water before any further operation takes place. HARDENING ARGENTIUM SILVER Argentium silver can be hardened without the need of a high temperature heat treatment. The cleaned and dry cast tree should be placed in an oven with an air atmosphere.

  • Argentium Silver – Investment Casting - Technical Articles

    The cast trees should then be washed in water before any further operation takes place. HARDENING ARGENTIUM SILVER Argentium silver can be hardened without the need of a high temperature heat treatment. The cleaned and dry cast tree should be placed in an oven with an air atmosphere.

  • Casting Argentium® Sterling Silver 970 using a torch

    Heat the casting grain as quickly as possible being careful to hold the flame in a manor that prevents air from getting to the alloy as much as possible. I like to heat the casting grain only enough to make sure it is fluid. Heating the alloy any longer or hotter may produce inferior results. Once the alloy is fluid, release the centrifuge immediately. After the casting is complete, I like to ...

  • Amazon: uGems 925 Sterling Silver Casting Grain 1

    Live casting instruction required, NOT FOR BEGINNERS. This silver anti-firescale grain is an excellent choice for all sorts of casting, especially in developing components, sheet or tube that will be formed or attached utilizing soldered joins. It incorporates choice deoxidizing factors that stop the castings from establishing firescale when they are annealed and soldered. Castings are clean ...

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  • Argentium Silver Allied Gold Ltd

    Argentium 960 Pro (for investment casting) Argentium 935 Millform (for mill product applications) Argentium 960 Millform (for mill product applications) Wide range of products available Allied Gold Limited is delighted to offer a wide range of Argentium Silver products including grain, sheet, wire, chains, findings, solders and flux. We also supply finished jewellery made in Argentium 960 ...

  • Argentium - Working Silver Jewelry Making Tools

    Argentium Sterling is available in sheet, wire, bezel and gallery wire, tubing, solder and casting grain, so any projects you make with sterling silver can easily be made with Argentium. Argentium really likes itself and FUSES well for Granulation pieces or jump rings . All the jewellery pieces featured on this page were made using Argentium Sterling and FUSED instead of soldered. Because of ...

  • casting grain backs - Barta Immobilien

    Argentium® silver casting grain is available in .935 and .960 silver and is an anti-oxidizing, fire-scale free casting grain that is extremely tarnish resistance. Ecclesiastes 11:1 Cast

  • Gold Sheet for Jewellery Making FINE GOLD CASTING

    Buy FINE GOLD CASTING GRAIN from Betts Metals Jewellery Making Supplies, Bullion and Tools ... ARGENTIUM SILVER CASTING GRAIN. £0.48. Add to Compare; 9CT RED CASTING GRAIN. £16.87. Add to Compare; 9CT WHITE CASTING GRAIN. £17.07. Add to Compare; 9CT YELLOW CASTING GRAIN. £16.54. Add to Compare ; 14CT WHITE CASTING GRAIN. £31.21. Add to Compare; 18CT RED CASTING GRAIN

  • Argentium Silver - Official Website Manufacturing Benefits

    Argentium Silver is available as: grain, sheet, wire, tubing, findings, chains, solders (and flux). Beautiful castings. Argentium Silver gives clean and bright castings that are easy to finish to a beautiful lustre. Excellent durability. Argentium Silver has strength and durability and can be work hardened and heat-hardened. Heat hardenable . A simple, low-temperature heat treatment can be ...

  • Argentium Sterling® Silver experiences

    That's right AS970 is now available through GS Metals! The 97% silver casting grain is being sold as "Argentium Silver Casting Grain(tm)". The following link will take you directly to the page that will tell you all about this wonderful new alloy.

  • Carrera Casting Corp.

    Carrera Casting Corp is NYC top Jewelry Contract Gold, Silver, and Platinum Casters. From your CAD jewelry design to Jewelry rubber molds and jewelry wax models, we help you with every stage of your investment jewelry casting. Stop in our factory or call us today

  • Grain Refinement of Aluminum Casting Alloys

    Grain refinement dates from the early 1930s, when foundrymen began to use titanium additions to improve the structure of their castings. To understand this action of titanium we first consider the Al-Ti phase diagram (Sigworth, 1984), shown in

  • Society of American Silversmiths - Argentium Sterling

    Firestain resistance is also obtained in items made from Argentium ® Sterling Silver casting grain. High definition investment castings can be produced using slightly lower melting temperatures than for standard sterling. Recommended casting temperature 1725°-1750° F (940°-955° C). When only the eye is used, care should be taken not to overheat the alloy. Super- heat will only burn off ...

  • Argentium Sterling Road Testing - Ganoksin Jewelry

    Argentium sterling hardens well after a slow air-cool, and quenching is not essential to the hardening process. Heat the Argentium sterling in an oven or kiln to 580°F (304°C). Begin timing after the oven or kiln and the support for the Argentium sterling have reached the required temperature. Heat for at least 45 minutes (a very large or ...

  • Argentium Silver Guild - Official Website Manufacturing ...

    Join a community of Argentium Silver users. Find out about Argentium classes, resources, view the Gallery of Members' work, purchase Argentium items and more!

  • Argentium Guild Blog: Hard Spots in Investment Castings

    The final possibility is the presence of a grain refiner in the alloy being cast which has agglomerated at the surface; rather than been distributed throughout the body of the cast piece. Typically this is associated with alloys which contain iridium as a grain refiner. The Argentium family of alloys also contain a grain refiner, boron, at a very low level of parts per million. If there are a ...

  • High-Quality Silver Casting Grain eBay

    This casting grain is carefully prepared using high-purity silver (99.99%) through a special deoxidizing process, a prerequisite for high-quality silver jewellery production. 925 Sterling Silver. 935 Argentium


    Feb 13, 2019 - HOW TO ADD CASTING GRAIN WHEN MELTING / CASTING ARGENTIUM Argentium® 935 PRO Silver Casting Grain. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Dismiss Visit .. ...

  • Silver > Casting-Grain > Metals Atlantic Gems Supply Shop

    Argentium Silver; Vermeil; Gold-Filled; Rose Gold-Filled; 14K Yellow Gold; 14K White Gold; 18K Yellow Gold; Platinum; Metals All Metals; Wire; Sheet Metal; Casting Grain; Solder; Cupchain Settings All Cupchain Settings ...

  • Argentium Silver Guild - Official Website Blog

    We are delighted to present this stunning Argentium Silver mace, commissioned by Dame Janet Ritterman (Chancellor of Middlesex University) and made by Richard Fox (Fox Silver) - a UK silversmith, famous for his work for Rolls Royce cars and Formula 1 racing trophies.The body has been manufactured in Argentium Silver using traditional silversmithing techniques, with water-jet-cut titanium ...

  • Casting (metalworking) - Wikipedia

    In metalworking and jewellery making, casting is a process in which a liquid metal is somehow delivered into a mold (usually by a crucible) that contains a negative impression (i.e., a 3-onal negative image) of the intended shape.The metal is poured into the mold through a hollow channel called a sprue.The metal and mold are then cooled, and the metal part (the casting) is extracted.

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